Our Current Offering

Element Industrial Solutions Inc. has recently gone through a corporate restructuring, where we have spent the last year re-developing our software suite strengthening its core purpose…

“To provide a tool that will greatly reduce the amount of time your construction management teams and front-line supervisors spend on redundant administrative activities and to ultimately close the communication gap between field activities and the office. It is our mission to provide your management team the next-to-irrefutable truth of precisely where the progress and performance of your projects are, in real-time.”

We are excited for the release of our initial product offering rolling out October 30, 2017. Although the primary focus of the software is to enable construction to be more productive, the built-in functionality of the RFI and punch management processes, as well as the drawing viewer and quantity surveying, make this product a great add-on tool for any owner or engineering firm.

We have chosen a couple of implementation partners to assist us in the roll-out of this initial release and are looking forward to having them work with those of you who choose to join us at this time.

The Sigma Crew app is available for an android device which we can now supply with an IP67 rated tablet along with all the NFC cards and/or tags that you will require. We can also provide, to those of you who require them, Class 1 Div 2 rated tablets.

Now for the best part of this current offer; for those organizations that sign on for a 3-month trial over the next 6 months (ending April 30, 2018), you will be given the opportunity to sign on for an additional year at our reduced introductory rate with unlimited users!


We have 12 spots left in this limited time offer so don’t delay and contact us today!