Offering a user-friendly, intuitive, fully mobile WorkFace Planning System for Contractors to easily digitize their field activity.




We have found that a situation exists within most companies where there is a large COMMUNICATION GAP between construction management, in the office, and construction activities in the field.

Project management systems exist to keep cost and schedule in check, but the information being fed into these systems comes in from incomplete spreadsheets, scraps of paper and word of mouth.  This process results in large, indirect construction costs and, in many cases, this information may not even be accurate! All these factors contribute to a false picture of reality regarding the project which, in turn, encourages the wrong remedial action. 

The industry spends millions of dollars on software to enable the construction and project management teams that need the core data from the field to do their job. Unfortunately, up-until-now, the only way they’ve been able to get it is through time-consuming face-to-face meetings and by manually inputting information from paper documents into multiple systems, multiple times! Almost every contractor has employees signing off on documents, paper getting lost and messed up data which all leads to…

…a lack of ALIGNMENT …inefficient ASSEMBLY
…costly EXECUTION      and      …inaccurate REPORTING


Sigma desktop & mobile software bridges the communication gap between your project management and construction activities in the field.