About Us


Element Industrial Solutions Inc. is a technology-driven, solutions company dedicated to providing best-in-class software and project management services, targeted at the heavy industrial construction industry.


Revolutionize the conventional approach to field construction management through a software platform and processes that simplifies the data collection and integration of engineering and project management data. Provide transparency with refined data to define true project metrics, bridging the gap between field and office while streaming the required unaltered data to the projects PPM, MM, and ERP systems.


To standardize project execution in the construction industry by providing sound technology, that effectively processes a plethora of engineering and project management data, allowing for a single-truth project report and final outcome.



Element Industrial Solutions Inc. was founded in 2008. Our founders come from the construction industry and therefore understand first-hand the pain and frustration of working with inaccurate project information and inadequate processes. We have come up through the trades and have played key leadership roles on some of the largest expansion projects in the Western Canadian Oil & Gas Industry.

Our company was established upon the strong belief that technology and software tools can, and absolutely need, to be created that can better enable front-line construction supervision empowering them to lead their teams in the execution of any demanding construction project with a higher degree of effectiveness than they are currently experiencing.

We have sought to provide you, our customer, the competitive advantage by bridging your communication gap and empowering your field staff with mobile digital tools that are, not only easy and fun to use, but are incredibly intuitive and highly effective!