Sigma Portal


On-site project supervisors are most often forced to rely upon archaic unorganized, time-consuming folder systems when searching for the information that is vital to the successful execution of the project. This leads to information not being in the hands of management when they require it, which adds up to many wasted indirect work hours. This waste of time and resources could be reduced or eliminated altogether if the project was better managed. Introducing Sigma Portal, a powerful Internet-based project governance and management system, which is simple, easy-to-use software running right within your favorite web browser. This intuitive program enables you to standardize your company’s project planning & execution processes across your entire enterprise, allowing consistency in planning and executing projects, providing the best opportunity for optimization of your business services. Sigma Portal is able to incorporate all information feeds from clients, EPCM’s, or contractors which allows project controllers to effectively design the overall project roles, responsibilities, access points, workflows, drawings, and work package storage and deployment to personnel. This highly efficient project setup mechanism will help save thousands of hours in project setup work and future project rework.

Used By

Document control, project management, project controls, quality, safety and construction management.

Used For

Project setup, drawing control, alignment of quantities & man hours from MTO to estimate, importing project data, managing form and document libraries, creating and managing RFI’s, manpower assignment and permissions, alignment of system turn overs, establishing work flows, drawing viewer, IWP (Installation Work Package) viewer.


Standardizes project set-up, reduces key strokes and time spent on redundant administrative tasks.