Sigma Truetask


Superintendents, general foremen, coordinators and planners are often frustrated dealing with a vast amount of information in order to build and organize work packages to be utilized by field construction supervisors and staff. This can be a time consuming and confusing process made even more complex by the owners, EPCM’s, and contractors requirements for up-to-date project information.

Sigma TrueTask is an app designed to be an intuitive work packaging system, providing your front line supervision a standardized process with easy to use drag and drop technology controlled through the Portal’s commands to create, assemble and manage the constraints of each Installation Work Package.

Used By

Superintendents, general foremen, planners, coordinators and workface planners.

Used For

Creating and assembling installation work packages, constraint management of work packages, drawing viewer, workflow sign-off’s for work packages, RFI’s and punches, drawing mark-ups, assemble walk down packages, assignment of punches and manage schedule.


Reduces key Strokes, reduces indirect man hours, real-time near-irrefutable reporting of your project’s planning.